Who We Are

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Founded by Philip and Victor in 2020, Beagle Dog Lovers Is a Dedicated Team of Beagle Loving buddies.

Our founder: Philip K: A beagle lover himself, has been an animal welfare member and a dog rescue volunteer. We found out that there is a lot to be done in order to help Beagles that need our helping hand and will do everything we can to help them. Our co-founder: Victor R: A professional photographer, tech writer, gamer and Beagle enthusiast. We are looking for new members that love Beagles as much as we do, join us today! You can contact us by sending mail to: admin@beaglelovers.com or follow the links on this site. No Beagle left behind... unless they want to stay!

Hola! Meet the Founders

We Are Philip & Victor !

Beaglelovers, brothers and friends. Our love for beagles made us want to create Beagledoglovers.com At home, we always had beagles around and dreamed of having our own kennel. And in the summertime in 2006, when we were 14 years old, it was finally possible! Our parents took us on a trip where we saw the most beautiful little white puppies playing in the grass. And so it happened, after a visit to Mrs. Lupton's kennel we came home with our first beagles. We had such a fantastic time with our little dogs. We trained them with love and made many nice trips together

Our Team

They All Joined Us!

Our beagledoglovers team joined us late 2020. It was our duty to make our website bigger and better for you, beaglelovers. Continue following us on Facebook or Instagram where we share more about beagles with you! We are very proud that Beagledoglovers has become the biggest beagle forum in the US and Canada. It is good to know that there are so many other beaglelovers out there who are as crazy about beagles as we are. We also hope you enjoy reading all the information on Beagledoglovers.

Dr. Boaz Man

Animal Doctor

At Beagledoglovers, we are proud to work with Dr. Boaz Man a renowned animal doctor in Florida, truly dedicated to his profession. Dr.Boaz Man provides medical care to animals on an individual level. He is a very friendly doctor with over 16 years of experience providing pet assistance.

Dr.Boaz Man is the owner and medical director of Boca Midtowne Animal Hospital in Boca Raton Florida. The hospital team is available to pet parents for everything from orthopedic surgery, a CT scan, root canal treatment, cardiac evaluation, endoscopy, intensive care, or a routine checkup.

Dr.Boaz Man believes in providing the highest level of veterinary care for dogs and cats. Dr. Boaz Man is a very dedicated doctor with 17 years of professional experience in his field of work. He has established himself as one of the most trusted animal doctors in Florida. His aim is to create a bond between veterinarians and pet owners by offering personalized services without compromising on quality.    

He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Florida. Dr. Boaz Man is also a Fear Free certified veterinarian, which means he is trained to prioritize the emotional well-being of every pet. He has a very good reputation for offering advanced veterinary care to animals in the South Florida area.

Achievements: Dr. Man was the only vet in Florida to be recognized as a Top Doctor by Trademark Top Doctors of America 2020 Honors Edition for demonstrating dedication, leadership, and professional excellence – We are still proud to date

He works with many vets in South Florida and has been invited to speak at various veterinary conferences about his success in treating senior pets.