Does Your Beagle Get A Variety In Their Diet?

I love my beagle very much and I know you love yours too. One thing we need to be mindful of is the food we put into our beloved pets’ mouths and how that affects their health throughout their lives. Does Your Beagle Get A Variety In Their Diet? Because they should.

When we take on a dog, they become part of the family and one of the things that make us buy into owning a dog is because of their unconditional love.

Not only do we give them love, attention, and all the things they need to live a wonderful life but on top of that, we need to make sure we’re giving them what they need on a daily basis.

I’m sure we’ve all heard about allergies your dog can develop and sadly I know first hand how this feels as my beagle is one of those dogs that has had issues with his food.

So what is it I put him on? Why did I make the switch? What brand is he currently eating? Over the years, I’ve discovered a few things about beagles, diet, and variety.

Benefits of Dry Food

The texture of some dry dog foods is what I like the most about them, especially if you have a dog that’s really into chewing his food.

When you own a beagle or any other type of dog for that matter, if their teeth are not getting the attention they need, one day you will find they have tartar buildup.

Dry food is great for their teeth and gums because it helps to scrape the plaque away which is what causes this build-up of tartar.

Does Your Beagle Get A Variety In Their Diet

Once your dog has had a taste of dry food, there’s no going back as most dogs love the taste and texture of them.

Other benefits of dry food include:

* Helps to reduce plaque and tartar build-up.

* Contains no preservatives, sugars or salt.

* Helps keep your dog’s teeth clean.

* They are made with high-quality ingredients that are easily digested by dogs making them great for the heart as well as the rest of the body.

If your dog is like mine and prefers dry food, then that’s what you should use. Beagles do best on a healthy kibble diet and their teeth usually stay pretty clean when they eat it.

Benefits of Wet Food

On its own, wet dog food provides a variety to your dog’s diet and this is a good thing.

Does Your Beagle Get A Variety In Their Diet

Although wet food is moist, it still contains all the nutrients of dry food which can be mixed in with their normal daily meal.

You don’t have to feed them wet food exclusively but if you want to give them more of a treat then try mixing some in with their dry food.

Remember when they were a puppy and you had to feed them soft foods? Well, wet food is the next best thing to go with their dry kibble.

Typically, wet food formulas also include vegetables, fruits, and grains which are all great for your dog’s diet.

Guidelines of Rotation And Variety With Your Dog’s Diet

Once you’ve decided to feed your beagle dry food or wet food, the next thing you need to do is rotate their meals.

Every now and then instead of feeding them what they normally have, give them something different.

This will help to keep their digestive system working properly as it should and also helps to avoid becoming accustomed to the same food all the time.

When was the last time you switched up your dog’s diet? Have you given them wet food lately? Why not switch it up today and take a look at what’s available on and see how you can benefit your beagle for the better today?

The more variety you give them, the healthier they’ll grow to become as well as live a longer life.

So why not make the switch soon and provide some variety to your dog’s diet? I know my Beagle loves his new food and looks forward to his dinner time now.

Why Is Food Variety Important?

As I mentioned earlier in my article, dogs need variety in their diet because not only does it make them feel good but it helps them to stay healthy.

We’ve all heard about the different minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that are in various foods but what does this mean for your dog?

Well, it means they need different things at different times throughout their life to help them grow strong, fit and ready for anything.

If you give your dog the same food every day, then their body becomes used to it and this means they aren’t getting the variety that they need.

Just like a child if you feed them the same food every day, they will get sick of it sooner or later and reject eating what’s given to them.

On the other hand, if your dog gets food variety in his diet, then they will be able to eat their favorite food, but also enjoy the variety too.

If you haven’t noticed yet, this is something that can happen quite easily with Beagles as they’re such a food-driven breed of dog!

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I’d like to end with a poem that I wrote for my Beagle,

it’s called “My Beagley Poo”!

You’re my little beagley poo;

you quiver with excitement when I read out the menu.

Your tail wags so hard it clatters

the cupboards and sends the dog treats scattering.

I take a peek into your bowl,

you know that I’m looking out for you because I love you so much.

Meal time is full of fun;

you’re always glad to see me when it’s dinner time!